Super Speedy Sync.

Fiendishly fast sync, no context switching – thanks to Wunderlist’s awesome API.

Add a task. Add a bunch.

Add a tasks in billiseconds to existing lists, or make new lists on the fly. Batch import tasks from a text file or just about anything else.

Your data, to go.

Export your lists, tasks, sub-tasks and files as JSON.

Photo of Christian Reber

That’s awesome!

Christian Reber – CEO, Wunderlist
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At your command, Sir.

Here’s what you can do with Wunderline:

add [task] Add a task to your inbox
inbox View your inbox
starred View starred tasks
today View tasks due today
week View tasks due this week
all View all of your tasks
overdue View overdue tasks
search [query] Search your tasks
list [query] Search your lists
open Open Wunderlist
export Export your data
whoami Display effective user
flush Flush the application cache
help [cmd] Display help for [cmd]

Frequently asked questions.

What does this work with?
Any command line environment that supports npm. See the README for more information.
Can I complete tasks?
Not right now. We’re looking into making it a nicer experience.
Can I attach files?
Send a pull request.
Can I see already completed tasks?
Not yet…
Does it support folders?
Nope, the Wunderlist API doesn’t actually support folders yet.